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El Mago

The Frita ( An all beef patty seasoned like chorizo, julienned potato wisps, onions, on a Cuban Bun )

Frita Traditional                       Make it a Doble Frita                          Make it a triple Frita  

Frita a Caballo                          Doble a Caballo                                    Triple a Caballo

Frita Europa ( Swiss and 2 Croquetas )                                                Europa a Caballo

Confundida ( Frita, Ham, Pulled Pork, Swiss )                                   Confundida a Caballo

Big Magic (Double with a Hawaiian Tostone between the patties, cheese, lettuce, onion)

Bacon Swiss                              Make it a Doble

Mago BLT                                   Make it a Doble

Chicken Fritas (Chicken sliced and cooked in our famous Mago Mojo on media noche bun)


Chicken Frita Traditional      Make it a double!  

Chicken Frita a Caballo ( Fried Egg )

Chicken Frita Europa ( Swiss and 2 Croquetas )

Chicken Confundida ( Frita, Ham, Pulled Pork, Swiss )

Chicken Big Magic (Double with a Hawaiian Tostone between the patties, cheese, lettuce, onion)

Chicken and Veggie Frita

Mago Chicken BLT

Veggie Fritas (A sliced Zucchini and yellow squash version of our Traditional)

Veggie  Frita Traditional          Make it a Double Veggie

Veggie  Frita a Caballo ( Fried Egg )

Veggie Big Magic (Double with a Hawaiian Tostone between the veggies, lettuce, onion)

Sandwiches and Dogs

Pan con Bistec (Steak Sandwich)

Chicken Sandwich

Overacheiver  Pan con Bistec topped with a second meat)

Croqueta Preparada ( Croquetas, Ham, Swiss )

ChoriPan ( Chorizo and Potato wisps )

Callejera (Omelet Sandwich - Meat options available at additional cost)

Si Perro (Hot Dog)

Magic Dog ( Frita Meat riding a Dog )

Confundoggy ( Hot Dog with Pulled Pork , ham and swiss )

Mago's Meaty Dog ( Hot Dog topped with Ham Croquetas and Frita Meat )

Our Breadless Options / Sin Pan

San Luis ( Bistec, Potato wisps )   Alexis (San Luis with 2 fried Eggs)  San Carlo(Alexi w/ a second meat)

Frita Bowl ( Rice, Beans , topped with protein of your choice )         a Caballo Bowl   

Steak Bowl (Rice, Beans, Steak, potato wisps)                                       a Caballo

Tortilla (Spanish Omelet)             Add a Protein for $

Salads / Ensalada

Simple Salad Bowl                             Add a Meat and Papa Mago


Crinkle Cut Fries Reg                      Grande

Frita Fries (Cheese, Frita Meat)                 Bacon Swiss Fries

Tostones                                                          Tostones Gloton

Traditional Tamal                  a Caballo (Fried Egg)           Meaty (topped with choice of protein)

All in Meaty with Fried Egg Breakfast of Champions

3 Croquetas (Ham or Chicken)                         Papa or Yuca Rellena

Sweets / Dulce

Our Flan or Dulce de Leche

AyMama Mago ! Better share ! (Stewed apples,  Dulce de leche, Caramel, Vanilla Ice Cream) 

Guava Empanada

Diosa Eva (Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Our Homemade Dulce de Leche)

Saint Isa (Vanilla Ice Cream Topped with Guava Sauce)

Welcome to the Ventanita de Mari *** Ask your server for Mari's Special Off-Menu Drinks***

Batidos (Shakes) - Chocolate, Trigo, Malteada, Mango, Papaya, Guanabana, Mamey

Double the Fruit

Espuma Café(Espresso with Malt) or Levanta Muerto(Puffed wheat with Espresso) 

Delilah (Iron Beer Vanilla Ice Cream Float)

Cuban Espresso                                              Colada                                          Café con Leche

Cortadito                                                         Cortadito Evaporada

Drinks                                      Bottles and Specialty Drinks

Our Fresh Watermelon Juice

Come See Us on Display

"no le vengas con cuentos a quien sabe historia""Don't speak stories to who knows the history"

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10:30 AM - 8:00 PM


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5828 S.W. 8th St.

West Miami, FL  33144

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